Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Internet of things


Physical objects or "Things" as we call them, embedded with smart sensors with ability to be connected to the Internet becomes "Internet of Things" or IoT. The advantages of IoT is remote management of Physical Objects ("things") from anywhere.

Definitions and Jargons can get simply complex and the intention of this blog is to keep it simple and make you understand the concept rather than harp about geeky stuff. Below is a simple handy guide for understanding different scenarios related to Internet of Things. 

 Switch on your AC from remote location before you reach home

Provide food to your pet while not being home 
Detect movement in house and send notifications

Locate where your key, wallet, suit is (and more..) 
Switch on blue lights in living room when your spouse reaches home

Alert me if my favorite parking spot is available

Water your plants while on a Vacation abroad
Heat up your car in winter before getting in

Get your skill assessments done by Sports equipments you use
Get your shoes to count your steps or calories burnt

          Article By
          Praveen Kumar,
          Co-Founder & President,
          Nanite Solutions

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