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What is your mobile strategy?

What is your mobile strategy?                                                                                                
Over the last few years, the increasing usage of mobile devices has swept the world, changing trends of business and communication and forcing companies to rethink their branding strategies. With more high-end mobiles hitting the market with every passing day, mobile devices are now outnumbering people with greater intensity. This is certainly going to have a longstanding impact on companies who are looking to establish a closer connection with their target consumers. 
More than 85% of consumers around the world strongly believe that their smartphones are crucial for their day to day lives. Hence it is hardly surprising that the mobile interface is of vital importance to the users. The opportunistic businessmen who are looking to make a direct contact with their target consumers are hoping to do so by setting up optimum mobile strategies for tablets and smartphones. A well rounded mobile strategy is meant to help both large and small companies to reach out to more customers while at the same time maintain a robust industry advantage. 
The role of mobile strategy
As more people are making use of their smartphones and mobiles to stay in touch with one another, browse the web and make shopping decisions, it has become more important for companies to come up with a highly competent mobile strategy. However, developing a mobile strategy is much more than just creating a business app. In order to come up with a competent mobile strategy, you should make sure that your brand or company presents a traditional online and mobile experience that communicates a well rounded business message which motivates the target customers to check out what your business has to offer. With a great mobile strategy, you actually establish a strong presence within the mobile world that goes beyond a mere app interaction. 
Here are some of the ways in which you can come up with a competent mobile strategy.
Align your mobile strategy with your business goal
Mobile strategies are always coming and going as trends and so before you take on any new strategy as your next move; make sure that it is in line with the goals of your company. It is important to note that unless a mobile strategy is actually contributing to your long term growth plan, it is hardly worth your efforts. You should always try and come up with a mobile strategy that allows you to better connect with your target consumers and provide you with an edge over market competitors. Also when you are using your business app to aid your mobile strategy, make sure that it offers a superior user experience compared to those that are provided by rival apps.  
Design an app that promises great user experience                                                                              
Make sure that you come up with an app that offers your target users with new and innovative ways to interact with your brand. Most people actually make up their minds about a particular app within the first few seconds of using it. For instance, the majority of your target users are going to expect your app to respond within the first two seconds and more than 85% of people will prefer using your app instead of your mobile website. This is so because even now the majority of mobile websites offer poor user experience. Hence always try to develop apps that bring down the frustration levels of the users to the minimum. 
Make use of APIs or application programming interfaces
APIs enable two different systems to interact with each other. This in turn allows you to avoid developing features from scratch. More than 75% of traffic enjoyed by Twitter comes from its API; in other words most of its users come from various third party apps. You can easily use the current user network of various other apps to boost your user base. 
Make your mobile strategy easily scalable
From the very beginning, you should make your mobile strategy scalable and flexible so that it can be upgraded according to the changing times. Experts currently estimate that the market for smartphone and tablets is going to expand to more than 10% per year for the upcoming 4 to 5 years. This will also be followed by the increasing figures of mobile app downloads which is going to rise with every passing year. Therefore your mobile strategy should be flexible enough to allow for rapid growth and development.  
Provide your target consumers with a streamlined experience                                                           
You should align your webpage experience with your mobile experience so that your users can easily switch from one device to another. Statistics reveal that only a handful number of users are going to give a faulty or imperfect app a second go and therefore you should make sure that your target consumers can easily move from mobile to web experience. Plenty of social media sites and business sites have benefitted from providing their users with a seamless desktop and mobile user interface. This not only helps the users to have a continued experience from mobile to desktop or vice versa but also lowers their levels of frustration that may come with a faulty app. 
Have a strong team for your app development project
When you are out to develop your own brand’s app, keep in mind that a successful app requires good investment. Even simple apps can cost you thousands of dollars and the price for apps that are high on graphics can go up to millions. To ensure that you app development strategy is successful; you should always have a reliable team at hand that can provide you with competent app design solutions. It is always better to have an in-house app development team as they can attend to your needs in a comprehensive manner.
Provide information security for your customers
While handling client data, you should offer maximum information security to your users. Make sure that you implement enhanced data encryption parameters and also address the issue of customer privacy while dealing with cloud vendors. This will boost the security of client data.


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